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Summarised, asked questions and its answers in HTML session.

References to HTML :

Always refer to HTML tags here.

Why do we need to use <!DOCTYPE> in the HTML document?

Using <!DOCTYPE html> in HTML5 is "mostly useless, but required" as per Wikipedia. DOCTYPE intimate browser to know which version of HTML used in the document. In HTML 2.0 - 4.0, the declaration of DOCTYPE refers to DTD (Document Type Defenition) because these versions are based on SGML ( Standard General Markup Language). The DTD specifies the rules for the Markup Languages, so the browser renders the content correctly. HTML 5 is not based on DTD, so not required to mention for DTD. But, it's always a good practice to use <! DOCTYPE> in the first line of the HTML document to intimate browser to what type of file to expect.

How often really developers use comment tags in the HTML document?

Does commenting in the HTML doc really matters? - Well big YES, web developers are not more often use comment tags<!-- comments --> in the HTML file because it feels awkward to comment for the tags I too felt the same for static HTML pages but when it comes to dynamic pages it's better to have comments to give intricate info to other developers. Always comment your code, it will save your life in future.

Using <pre> tag is good?

To be honest, I might have used preformatted tags once or twice in my experience while doing some simple exercises. I won't suggest using <pre> tag for space/text formatting, you can always achieve by <br> tag.

Want to remember all HTML Entities?

Not necessarily. Actually, you don't need to remember any of them you can always refer them here. It's good to be aware of them, It helps when you crawl data or work on any data related work.

Which one of these tags is used common <b> or <strong>?

Both represent to impose the importance of the content. HTML is always backward compatibility so it doesn't matter. I prefer to use <b> tag because it's only one letter easy to type but in common <strong> is used nowadays. Likewise, <em> tag is used instead of <i> tag.

Is there any online tool to generate dummy content to test layout in HTML docs? Which one do you use?

Of course, a lot of tools available online. I prefer using

When do you use an absolute path and to use a relative path?

An absolute path is nothing but a full path of an URL or a file. It doesn't care about your current file path. Example: <a href =""> when you refer URL like this in the hyperlink tag it doesn't look for your local path, it will take you to the website.

The relative path is the exact contrast of an absolute path, it looks for your local path references. Example: <a href = "blogpage.html"> your working file and blogpage.html file should be in the same directory. Otherwise, you will get File Not Found Error.

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