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Live is to Celebrate :) Then why need to work?

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

It's been more than a year I'm thinking about this product Project X, I haven't decided on the name yet, but I know my competitor's name which I feel so good for the native/non-native English audience and it's very easy to recall too. This leads to the question of why I need to build this product when the market has already similar products? and many more questions arise in my mind - which I think good. I heard that it's better to map your product vision end to end in mind mapping before writing a single line of code. I know I can't predict the future of the product, but I feel confident I can solve this problem better than any. Solving the problem is fun, can call this work too.

What are the questions in my mind?

  1. Why do I want to build this product when the market already has similar products?

  2. Who is my target audience?

  3. Does this product really matter to the audience?

  4. Does the NAME of the product really matter? If it does, what is the name?

  5. What technology will be apt for the product?

  6. Where do I find the data sources and how to collect them?

  7. what is my scope and timeline for MVP?

  8. Do I need to seek any support/help?

  9. What is my next step after building MVP?

  10. What I'm going to learn from building this app?

After able to answer to these questions I think I can start building this product.

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