Circa 400BC
Nagadhuthan: Vishnu Gupta, Edhu Dharmam?
Vishnu Gupta Chaanakya: Edhu thevaiyo, adhuve Dharmam.

" You live most of your life within your mind, Keep it clean and cherish every moment "

I focus on solving problems by building products, ensure it helps mankind for betterment. I like building the product in a heuristic approach with the machines.


I'm an optimistic, technology enthusiastic, FOSS fanatic, food lover, crazy cook, bike traveller and proud father.


I strongly believe in God, Humanity, Democracy, Machines and FOSS!

Senior Product Engineer by profession.  I have seven years of experience in building products with various technologies in WEB and MOBILE platforms. I switch technology often to explore and learn new things.


Currently ventured on the product lifecycle strategies from idea scribbling to go to the market and acquiring associated industry skills.


I always spare time for a new adventure. I am a firm believer of goodwill, with good intention feel free to contact for any collaborative work. You can find my details on the Contact page.